Sandra Macdougall Fantasy Art — creepy

Who is Bugging Who? Literary Nonsense to accompany art.

Art big eyes creepy cute fairytale grimm story

Emily entered her closet as most girls do in June. But on that particular day the door locked behind her. Emily found herself in quite a conundrum. You see, the closet never liked her much and it locked poor Emily in. The years passed and Emily wondered if the door would ever open again. Emily wondered about the absence of moth balls, ''drat" sighed Emily. In the evenings at about half past eight, Emily would imagine hearing her mother calling: ''Emilyeeeeee.''  When evening fell and daylight vanished from under the door, Emily waited: then softly whispered ....''Good night mama, good...

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Clowning Around, Literary Nonsense to Accompany art.

Art big eyes Clown creepy cute fairytale grimm story

Chapter One. It was the day after Sunday and the day before Tuesday, when they took him away to the striped coloured tent. Some carnies leaned in to listen, others, did not Chapter Two. Lobotomy. Chapter Three. On the following Wednesday there were clouds, but little weather to speak of. “We shall then whisper of things that once ran amuck,” said the surgeon. “Indeed,” said a faraway voice.

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Three Blind Mice, Love is not Blind.

Art big eyes creepy cute fairytale grimm story three blind mice

Three infant mice witness the abduction of their brother. Investigators believe the abducted siblings were taken to a testing facility. The three remaining mice lost their sight in what Doctors say is probably due to witnessing a tragic event. Last year the mice lost their Mother to a random cat attack, making this recent event an even greater tragedy to the rodent Community. Lady Bernice, who is only five year’s old, offered to adopt the boys after hearing of their story on R.A.TV. She was quoted as saying “Love is not blind.”

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History of Big Eyes in Art

Art big eyes creepy cute Edward Gorey Fashion Margaret Keane Tim burton

Big eyes and enormous heads have become the new fashion in today’s art.

Television shows like The Walking Dead, The Vampire Diaries and movies like Twilight have influenced the 21 century and our Artists.

Dolls, homemade plush creatures and even My Little Pony have all been reinvented to support a larger set of eyes. Bratz dolls and a variety of stuffed animals pull at your heart strings while making you feel oddly uncomfortable.

Edward Gorey

Today we are all about the morbid; added to this is a sense of humor and the confusing feeling we experience as we try to interpret the nightmare combined with a soft and fuzzy bunny. This is the new element added to the big eyed art of today

Looking back in history the closest artist to represent the morbid of today was illustrator and writer Edward Gorey. In 1963 the alphabet took on a whole new meaning as Gorey wrote about the untimely deaths of children. This dark humor story “The Gashlycrumb Tinies” has now become a cult classic. Read More

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